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What Is Aran

THE HISTORY OF ARAN – By Nick Trikilis

The sole purpose of this history is to familiarize potential customers and business associates with the extensive research that was conducted by my late father, Nick Trikilis, by other researchers involved with Ozone and by me.

Since Nick Trikilis was the National Sales Manager for Automatic Electrical Devices from 1946 to 1950, his sale of Ozone producing machines under the Trademark “HomOzone” was the basis for his future patent of the ARAN generator.

In 1950, under my father’s company name, ELECTRO PRODUCTS and ENGINEERING Co., all rights to the HomOzone products including the trademark, “HomOzone” were purchased and the company was moved from Cincinnati , Ohio to Canton , Ohio . In 1953, my father incorporated “Aranair Corporation” and moved the business to Wooster , Ohio .

My father was a pioneer in an industry that by European standards existed long before the United States entertained the potential Ozone research as an industry of the future.

Prior to Ozone treatment of water in the United States , the Europeans were purifying water in Paris before World War II.

With DuPont, Dow and Monsanto producing the chemical “Chlorine” for water purification, most of the Ozone Research was conducted by ordinary Medical Doctors (MD’s) which was indirectly funded by companies wishing to discourage the use of Ozone for water purification purposes. This laid the foundation for governmental intervention for the use of Ozone as a purifying agent!

Nick Trikilis was the Founder and President of ARANAIR Corporation from 1953 to November of 1980. He was killed in an automobile accident and subsequently ARANAIR CORPORATION ceased to exist. From 1900 to 1988, 1 worked on a patent improvement for the ARAN generator and ultimately was able to discover a “new process” for generating ARAN which made the manufacturing of industrial water and air purification systems possible.

The Ozone Industry continued to progressively expand and become an industry disproving the theory that “OZONE IS A HEALTH HAZARD.” Many researchers dealing with Ozone began changing the attitudes of scientists on a world-wide level, who were once against the use of Ozone as a purifier, to an attitude that the salvation of the Earth may come from this exceptional Oxygen Polymer.

As my father’s patent was searched by the Patent Office and granted a patent in 1965, the 04, 05, 06, 07, 0X, etc. created by the ARAN generator was a significant breakthrough in the Air and Water Purification Industry since ARAN was created without splitting the Nitrogen molecule. ARAN is created by the ARAN generator without creating Oxides of Nitrogen!

Since Ozone is created differently than ARAN, the formation of Oxides of Nitrogen (NO, NO2 and N202) is more often found in Ozone-producing systems. When these Oxides of Nitrogen combine with water vapor and rise into the upper atmosphere, Acid Rain results from this formation and contributes to the water pollution and leaching of heavy metals into our water systems as they are dissolved by the Acid Rain.

It is abundantly clear that Ozone, without the presence of Oxides of Nitrogen, is easily more tolerable and not harmful to human health when found in “acceptable quantities” in our atmosphere. In fact, after a “thunderstorm” we often experience a “fresher, cleaner air” that is invigorating. This is caused by the formation of Ozone through this gigantic electrical “spark.” Yet, Oxides of Nitrogen are also formed and this is not healthy to human beings.

Clark Thorp, author of THE TOXICITY OF OZONE – A Report and Bibliography, was the acting chairman of the department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Armour Research Foundation of Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago when his investigation of Ozone was reported in the Industrial Medicine and Surgery Journal in February of 1950. Thorp is considered to be the ‘Father of Modern Ozone Research” since he was able to answer the many questions concerning Ozone’s toxicity and its effect on the human being.

It was Thorp’s investigation of the oxides of Nitrogen with Ozone that lead the way to clearing Ozone as a potential pollutant:
In 1921, Hill and Aeberly published a series of articles reporting on tests concerning the effects of Ozone, chemically, physically and physiologically. As a result of these tests a toxic limit for ozone was established at 1.0 part per million. It was also stated that 20 parts per million with an exposure of two hours might prove fatal to humans.

After noting the work of Thorp previously mentioned, Hill, realizing that oxides of Nitrogen had been present in his previous test, decided to rerun the test on an identical basis to determine if pure ozone had higher toxic limits. These later tests showed that pure ozone was definitely non-toxic in concentrations as high as 50 parts per million. As a final result of his work, Hill states:
“pure ozone is not poisonous in any sense of the word as it breaks down in contact with the mucus membrane and oxygen only remains. For this reason there are no cumulative effects and pure ozone may be breathed for long periods of time without harm provided, of course, that immediate irritation of strong concentrations is avoided.” (Excerpt from “Reprint from Industrial Medicine and Surgery, 19:2, 45-57, February, 1950)

The statement that Ozone is harmful to Human Health is also very puzzling since, to my knowledge, I have never heard of one incident, one ailment or one episode of any person suffering from any health problems attributed to Ozone in the past 35 years!

Our government, through the FDA and EPA, have set “guidelines” which made the presence of Ozone acceptable in industry and public areas. Yet, there has not been one documented incident related to a death caused by Ozone anywhere in the government’s extensive research!

Furthermore, it is clear that cigarettes cause cancer, and that secondary smoke can be more harmful to a non-smoker than first hand smoke may be to a smoker. Yet, the government is not too quick to “outlaw” cigarettes or to restrict smoking to “SMOKING ROOMS ONLY” areas.

It is interesting to note that throughout the FDA’s history, several drugs have been approved for human use only later to have been found to be hazardous to human health.

More often than not, an “engineer” that is well read on Government Bulletins will object to the presence of Ozone, because they have “read” someplace that Ozone is “hazardous” to human health. Yet, several of these “engineers” will be either smokers, or users of alcoholic beverages and will not recognize that the substances they are either smoking or drinking are destroying their body. Yet, they are the first people to be influenced by an OSHA Bulletin created by a government official that has less knowledge about Ozone than the average high school chemistry student!

In 1992, the American Medical Association published information that stated, “nearly 28% of all Cancer of the Intestines and 18% of all Cancer of the Bladder was caused by the drinking of Chlorinated Water.”

In 1984, the West German Swimming Team refused to swim in the Olympic Pool in Los Angeles because of the chlorinated water system.

Yet, again today, chlorine is the number one method used by the United States for purification of water!
Today, after nearly fifty years, more companies are producing Ozone Purification Systems in the United States than in any other country in the world.

From 1953 to 1965, Nick Trikilis invented the ARAN generator which was patented in 1965. His patent stated that only the Oxygen molecule was separated and reformed in a “new” molecule that was greater than the Ozone molecule. Ozone has three (3) atoms of Oxygen and is generally formed by either electric spark or Ultra-violet Light. In the upper atmosphere better known as the Ozone Layer, the Ultra-violet rays from our Sun create the Ozone which forms the “protective layer of visible blue air” which surrounds our Earth.

This Ozone Layer is a reflective “shield” which absorbs and/or deflects the most harmful Ultraviolet Rays from our Sun.

We measure the thickness of this “layer” using Ultra-violet light detectors which measures the amount of Ultra-violet light penetrating the Earth through the Ozone Layer. This penetration, when significantly high, causes people with sensitive skin to burn and potentially can cause melanomas (Skin Cancers) which are Life Threatening!

It is generally this same test that is used to detect the amount of Ozone in a city’s atmosphere, and when the “ozone levels” are considered to be significantly “high,” the EPA will send bulletins out through the radio stations notifying the public of this “dangerously high concentration.”

It is for this reason that I feel it necessary to inform the readers of this history about the misconceptions perpetrated upon the public and to update the information concerning Ozone and our product, ARAN.

In 1963, a Utah Distributor of ARANAIR CORPORATION used a testimonial letter sent to my father as “proof” that the ARANAIR units had therapeutic value in helping Asthmatics breathe easier without medication.

This misrepresentation by a distributor caused the FDA to impound all the Air Purifiers in Utah and to send Federal Marshalls to Wooster , Ohio , and close ARANAIR CORPORATION!

For nearly two years, Nick Trikilis, through his attorney, George Tzangas, fought the FDA in the Case “U.S. Pure Food & Drug vs. Aranair” at great expense to Aranair Corporation.

After Aranair’s successful endeavor, the attorney wrote Aranair Corporation indicating that ARANAIRE WAS NOT HARMFUL TO HUMAN HEALTH!

“This office diligently worked and succeeded in proving to the U.S. Pure Food & Drug Administration that your product is NOT HARMFUL OR DETRIMENTAL TO PUBLIC HEALTH. (emphasis added by T.N.Trikilis) We won our case after great amounts of work and expenses incurred in the expedition of our work…”

Very truly yours,
George J. Tzangas
(excerpt from attorney’s letter to Aranair Corp., July 24, 1964)

While the time and expense was incurred by ARANAIR CORPORATION, the FDA made no effort to reimburse the company for its defensive action!

While there are many “experts” stating that ARAN as O4, O5, O6, OX, etc., cannot and does not exist, a Japanese physicist, Dr.Uozumi, through “balanced mathematical and chemical equations,” revealed that airborne Oxygen, when exposed to dense, high velocity electron plasma (without any heat from electrode sparking), will form into higher atomic groupings like O10. This is through alterations in the individual atomic valences of the Oxygen Atom. Once this “Super Oxygen” is released, it very rapidly tries to return to the more stable O2. In its rapidly decaying from O10, down to O9, O8, O7, O6, O5, O4, O3, and O2, it randomly gives off electrons that encounter other previously unaffected Oxygen molecules, and impacts them, giving them some of its secondary free electrons. These Oxygen molecules are transformed by this process into higher forms, from O9, to O8, O7, etc., which in turn break down into O7, O6, etc., also releasing electrons and creating other higher forms, which then break down and give off electrons, etc…,”

As illustrated by Dr. Uozumi’s studies, ARAN is a process that is self-sustaining and continues to break down and regroup because of the intense energy required in creating the ARAN molecule!

Dr. Uozumi is not the only scientist to acknowledge higher allotropic forms of Oxygen other than Ozone (O3). In 1943, Herman W. Schuette, from St. Louis, Missouri, received a patent for producing “Octozone” (O8, O6, O4) sometimes called “Heavy Oxygen” which he stated could be used in many cases to aid in various medical conditions from Sinusitis to prostatitis, gonorrhea and anthrax.
Dr. Manfred Curry, the noted German scientist, discusses “Aran” in his “Bioklimatik” as early as 1946 stating that higher forms of Oxygen other than O2 can be found in the upper stratosphere. Areas where air is unaffected by pollutants will often have other allotropic forms of Oxygen ranging from Ozone (O3) to heavier Oxygen forms such as O4 , O5 , O6, OX!

In Van Nostrand’s SCIENTIFIC ENCYCLOPEDIA, Fifth Edition, identifies Oxygen (O4), as the “rare, very unstable, non-magnetic, pale-blue O4.”

An Encyclopaedia printed by the R.R. Donnelley & Sons Co., reference is made to the Oxygen Molecule, O4, stating that “the least volatile portions of liquid ozone contains a denser gas of great chemical activity to which the name “oxozone” has been given with the molecular formula O4 . Their source for this information being attributed to C.D. Harries, 1911!

As late as 1970, the existence of higher allotropic forms of Oxygen were still being questioned. Aranair Corporation provided a Model LR air purifier to Campbell and Associates, an outside Engineering Firm, for testing. The results of their testing are noted hereafter:
“Results: Gas emitted and weighed shows to have molecular weight about six times heavier than oxygen. Gas combined in oxidation five times faster than oxygen. The flame tests shows ranges to be greater than Ozone and to be in the Pentoxide Range meaning O5 or ARAN as described by the company.”

Just as Ozone (O3) is different from Oxygen (O2), ARAN is different than Ozone. Yet, an “over-the-counter” Public Corporation called “Medizone,” has obtained a patent (#4,632,980) for medical treatment using Ozone as its “medicine.” It also obtained a FDA I.N.D. (Investigative New Drug) status, which gives them sole rights to: “The use of ozone in the inactivation of lipid envelope viruses within blood and blood products that may be returned to a mammalian host.”

Just as there are individuals that claim Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) if taken orally in very dilute amounts will help keep the human body free of bacteria and disease, the use of Ozone either taken anally or intravenously is touted by many users of Ozone as the panacea for most human ailments.

Since ARAN is very concentrated Oxygen molecules, it is easy to see that an average person breathing normal mixtures of air will require less breaths when breathing ARAN to achieve the same results. Yet, it is very often the person that has been smoking or breathing foul air that is the first to complain about the “odour of Aran” as their lungs are saturated with by-products of their smoking or polluted work place and the oxidation effect of ARAN in the atmosphere is now performing the same task in that individual’s lungs!

Too much ARAN has an “arresting effect” on a person’s lungs if they are exposed too long or to too much ARAN. Remember, the body will only absorb so many molecules of Oxygen in performing its respiration, and too much Oxygen in the Human System will have the same effect as too much Oxygen in a Fighter Pilot’s Oxygen Mask. Fortunately, the ARAN machine has a dial that allows the owner to adjust the machine to fit the concentration of pollution that may be present.

When adjusting any ARAN machine, it is best to remember the following directions:
“If you can smell the ARAN, the unit is probably set too high; if you can smell the odor, the unit is set too low. You should not be able to smell anything and the dial gives each person the opportunity to adjust the unit to their own level of comfort.”

As there are many documented facts related to the benefits of using Ozone in both air and water purification, there is very little published information about experiments related to human exposure to Ozone. It is well known to both scientist and layperson that Ozone is bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal, however tests conducted on mice and birds will have a much different effect when conducted on the Human Beings.

In early 1960, the University of Florida , Department of Agriculture, conducted experiments using the Aranair units manufactured by my father. The results of the experiments were very rewarding and led to the publishing of a report for the Florida State Horticultural Society (October 25-27, 1960) in which R.O. Magie, Plant Pathologist, Gulf Coast Experiment Station, stated the use of Ozone as a deterrent to the fungus, Botrytis. On July 18, 1962, R.O. Magic wrote my father a letter stating that:
This is to certify that the air purifiers that I used in my disease control tests with gladiolus and chrysanthemum flowers were YOUR ARANAIR UNITS. (Emphasis added by T.N.Trikilis) I used these units over a two year period in small and large cabinets as well as in rooms. We used them at room temperature and in cold storage rooms.”

Since my father’s patent was not granted until 1965, the use of ARAN and ARANAIRE were not used as much as Ozone by the scientific community since the “Theory of a molecule having more than three (3) atoms to it was difficult at best to believe yet prove”. Yet, in 1964, the copyright for ARAN was registered in the Library of Congress, Washington D.C. and one year later the Patent Office registered the patent for the ARAN generator to Nick Trikilis.

Today, there are those in the Ozone field that will not acknowledge the presence or existence of ARAN since to recognize ARAN is to “outdate” the Ozone applications and obviously create a competitor that has much more to offer the customer than Ozone.
The first steps taken by T. Nick Trikilis for ARAN – AQUA Pollution Control Systems will be to publish the many testimonials obtained by Nick Trikilis through the thirty years he endeavoured to pursue the ARAN dream.

Drew Pearson, the noted columnist who wrote “Inside Washington,” was my father’s personal friend. He interviewed my father in 1960 for the Television Program, “New Horizons” which aired nationally from August, 1960, through December of 1960. As he tried to introduce my father to people in Washington D.C. that could have helped my father in the early years, this effort was cut short by Mr. Pearson’s untimely death.

In a letter from Thomas Curren, New Horizons Productions, Mr. Curran writes:
“Mr. Pearson was quite pleased and said that your product is really one that is worthwhile…” (Excerpt March 14th, 1960)

It is difficult for anyone to give guarantees on any product in which both the uninformed public and the governmental “experts” truly believe a “substance to be harmful to human Health.” Yet, the fact that ARAN is really Oxygen, and Oxygen is the most important substance in sustaining Human Life, makes one believe than anything that is pure and unpolluted certainly cannot be harmful to the Human Being. The logic does not follow that Oxygen is harmful to health, however Oxides of Nitrogen, present in Ozone-producing equipment, is. And perhaps this is where the true controversy begins.

As a man that has lived in an abundance of ARAN since early childhood, I can testify that I have very healthy lungs and that I cannot remember any day that I have had any problems breathing, nor have I ever suffered from any ailment that could be considered a result of my exposure to ARAN. I feel better on a bad day than most people feel on a “good day.”

From 1959 to 1962, I worked in my own personal laboratory testing ARAN and its oxidation effect on several elements and compounds. The hours that I spent in a 8′ x 8′ x 8′ room with concentrations of ARAN far above the tolerable level to most people is immeasurable. The fact that I wrestled for the high school and found myself able to sustain longer periods without fatigue as compared to my fellow wrestlers is probably due to my lungs having a capacity to breathe better than others were breathing.

As I am allergic to dust, an ARAN generator comforts me in both my business and home and makes it possible for me to breathe without taking medication for the allergy. I believe that the ARAN generator not only purifies the air, but ionizes the particles in the air and causes the particles to either attach themselves to the floor, walls and ceiling or to be attracted to other ionized particles and collectively fall from the air as a larger particle unable to sustain its “floatation” because of the greater weight.

The future for ARAN and the ARANIZER is only now beginning and each month will give us more information and many more updated testimonials.

Should you find anyone that “objects” to the ARAN machine, remember that the person is uninformed and ignorant of this new product. Perhaps they are a smoker or a person that works in a polluted atmosphere. Be tolerant, but remember it is what is important to you that matters. If you are happy with the unit, and you are satisfied with its results, then that is all that matters.

The only guarantee that I can make is that if you are not happy with the unit, do not buy it. If you are, you have a full two year warranty on it, unconditionally, and this warranty can be expanded indefinitely for your lifetime and for the lifetime of your heirs.
Thank you for taking the time to read this and if there are any questions, please feel free to contact me directly.

“Pure air and water for a better life for ourselves and for generations to come.”

Sincerely yours,

Nick T

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