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Horn Convalescent Home
Sept. 7, 1961
Mr. N. Trikilis
Aranair Corp.

Dear Mr. Trikilis:
We have, as you know, expanded into a second and separate home at the site of the old Beeson Clinic on North Market Street in Wooster. At this time, we do not feel additional Homozone machines are needed in the new location, due to exceptionally effective ventilating systems. But we could encounter an odor or bacteria problem at any time which would move us to contact you.

The two Homozone machines which we have used for several years at our first rest home have been completely effective in destroying, instead of merely “masking”, offensive odors which often are part of the operational problems in hospitals and rest homes. They are still in operation, doing an efficient job.

It would be with conviction born of experience that we could recommend Homozone machines — the use of natural ozone to destroy odors —— to any business or industrial plant confronted with an odor problem.

Most sincerely,
Wayne Horn

13951 Tearrace RD
Cleveland OHIO 44112
Mr. Nick Cipiti,
President Enviro Systems, Inc.
33840 Aurora Road
Solon, Ohio 44139

Dear Mr. Cipiti:After receiving from you Aranaire Model AL Air Purifier for the purpose of bacteriological testing, I am pleased to report the following results.

Using the slit sampling technique, the effects of the Aranaire device on bacterial air contamination _were tested. Bacterial counts as high as 1800 to 2000 were obtained while the class of the Medical Technology School _was in session. Some colonies of pathogens, such as hemolytic streptococci and staphylococci, were noted among the colonies or this mixed contamination.

The Aranaire device vas then put into action, and _within two hours, while the room vas still being used for class lectures, the colony count vas reduced to the 75-100 range. Also it is interesting that only one colony of hemolytic streptococci was seen at the end or the brief lecture period.

The Aranaire device also eliminated all the undesirable odors in the post-mortem room, both during and after autopsies

George J. Vareska Pathologist

Bailey Convalescent Home
Complete Nursing And Convalescent Care
Air Zone, Inc.
487 Gulf to Bay
Clearwater, Florida
Dear Sirs:In September, I was contacted by your Mr. Charbneau regarding odor control. The day Mr. Charbneau called I was preparing to order a new supply of chemicals to use in wick type deodorizers. I, frankly, have never liked the chemical wick method or covering odors but I had a Cancer patient in the last stages and the open lesions caused a stench that required something.

I was persuaded to try your electrical air purifier on a test basis only.

To my complete amazement, within ten minutes, even the sickening sweet smell of the chemicals had disappeared. I purchased two units and now find that by occasionally making slight adjustments my entire home is fresh & clean. Even the first thing in the morning there is no urine odor!

I would not, in the least, hesitate to recommend this wonderful aid in clean, sanitary care for the aged and infirm.


Ida Dailey

Aranair Products Inc.
Wooster, Ohio
Gentlemen:We are using your Model # A – Homozone Machine at our establishment and want to inform you of its valuable service to us.

The machine was placed in our preparation room during the embalming of seven different bodies since its recent purchase. Four of these individuals had succumbed to Carcinoma and another to Uremic Poisoning, all of which possessed strong body odors. During the preparation period it was impossible to detect any odor of any nature in the room.

During a period of four days in whlch there were three individuals reposed at our establishment we kept your machine in our front hall to eliminate the strong odor of flowers and cigarette smoke. There was a very heavy visitation durlng this time and we had a total of 147 floral pleces. It was impossible to detect either the flowers or smoke upon entering the building from the outside.

These are just a few of the instances in which your machine has been a definite asset to us, and I feel that other funeral homes would welcome an answer to similar problems. I, for one, support your product and advocate its use.

Respectfully yours,

Norman G. Heard
Geo W. Heard & Son

November 15. 1994
Mr. N. Trikilis
Aranair Corp.

Dear Mr. Trikilis:
The other day I had to haul a weedeater in my car, a job usually reserved for the truck. Of course it leaked and by the tme I reached home I had a dreadful headache from the fumes. I was complaining to a friend. wondering how long it would be before I could happily drive my car again. He suggested I borrow his air purifier which I did. I plugged it In overnight and next day all trace of noxious gas fumes was gone. It was such a miracle that I asked more about it and he gave me your name.

Now I want to know how I can get this machine for myself. Do they come in various sizes, how much do they cost and will you ship? You can contact me by phone and leave a message if I am not in. Thanking you for your response.

Yours truly,

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