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Homes and Apartments

Introducing Aranaire™
Aran™ Applications for Homes and Apartments

Home Owners and Landlords

The Aranizer™ is great for removing a multitude of indoor pollutants and allergen, from cooking, pet, and smoke odors, to paint fumes and toxic gases. The Aranizer™ ionizes airborne particles and precipitates (removes) them from the air you breath. The Aranizer™ also destroys viruses, bacteria, molds, pollens and fungi, making you indoor evironment healthier and safer. The Aranizer™ is fully portable and can be moved from room to room, or house to house conveniently.

  1. Removes dust, pollen and other particles from the air.
  2. Removes smoke, pet, cooking and most other odors from the air.
    (98% of organic odors are removed by the Aranizer.)
  3. Removes smoke and other odors from carpets, furniture, drapes, clothing etc.
  4. Cleans deep into porous materials to remove odors
  5. Oxidizes chemical fumes and toxic gases.
    (Many household materials and appliances produce chemical fumes and gases.)
  6. Kills mold, mildew, bacteria and fungi.
  7. Kills viruses sterilizing the air and surfaces for a cleaner environment.
24 hours a day in all instances, benefits are constant and self-renewing. To insure and promote the best conditions possible for the health care environment.
ARAN™ is pure oxygen, it’s nature’s air purifier. The ARAN™ Corona is similar to the effect of the discharge of a lightening bolt, producing higher allotropic forms of oxygen which immediately react with the components of hydrocarbons, kills microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, fungus, mildew and the yeast that makes up odors and air contaminates. ARANAIRE™ Systems are cost effective and low maintenance, offering constant, natural protection.

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