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Royal Air Purifiers is proud to offer our distributors very reliable product that can be marketed and sold without the extra hassle of high failure rates.

  1. The KNIGHT series of units experience a point seven percent (0.7%) failure rate.  That’s 7 out of a thousand units.  This is down from a high of 40% from Aran Aqua’s Aranizer.
  2. The new design ensures long reliable life.
  3. Royal Air offers a 4 year warranty on parts and labor.
  4. A 6 year extended warranty is available, for a total of 10 years, for only $150.00 to distributors $200.00 to customers.
  5. The unit’s new design allows for customer repair with guidance of the manufacturer.  Average repair is 15 minutes or less with the new design as long as parts are available.
  6. The Royal Air purifiers make a better quality ARAN molecule than its predecessors due to the new design and elimination of the most common failure possibilities.
  7. The new feature of the Royal Air purifier is that the generators are able to be cleaned in a dishwasher.

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